Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

Pass Inspections with Detroit, MI Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning Near You

Employee productivity, customer satisfaction, and safety codes are reasons for you to have your exhaust hoods cleaned. Make a lasting impression, and set the bar high! Top Hood Cleaners is here to fulfill your commercial kitchen cleaning needs.


We are a professional Detroit kitchen hood cleaning company available to visit and clean your business premises as soon as possible. Get in touch with our local hood cleaners today!

Achieve a Sparkling Clean Kitchen Exhaust Hood


Just like the dining area, the kitchen exhaust system needs deep cleaning now and then. Dirty exhaust hoods harbor bacteria, grease, and dirt, which, over time, will cause enormous problems. Hiring a hood cleaning company will help make sure your remains sanitary and safe for your staff and customers.

restaurant exhaust hood cleaning by Top Hood Cleaners


With a focus on detail, hood cleaning contractors like us will not miss a thing. So when you are crunched for time, it makes more sense to hire a professional hood cleaning company near you. Let seasoned technicians perform superior deep cleaning for your exhaust system.


The appearance of your facility and the food you serve reflects the quality of your business. Customers will feel more positive about your business if the establishment is clean, creating more returning customers and positive reviews. Professional cleaning can help you achieve that.


A sparkling clean kitchen exhaust system is not only polished but properly disinfected too. Grease stains, oil, and smoke will deter customers from your business and discourage them from returning. 


For a cleaner and safer kitchen exhaust system, you need a seasoned hood cleaning company.

Top Hood Cleaners Detroit Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning Service

Large-scale cooking operations create a lot of mess. Good thing there is a reliable kitchen exhaust system cleaning near you. At Top Hood Cleaners, we offer certified disinfecting and kitchen cleaning programs.


Our kitchen exhaust system cleaning involves:

  • Vent Hood Cleaning. If your kitchen exhaust vent is not expelling the smoke and fumes, it is time for an exhaust system cleaning. We will clean the vent hood and make sure they are not blocked.

  • Exhaust Fan Cleaning. We are a team of properly trained exhaust hood cleaners. We will get rid of the grease covering the fans and preventing them from functioning.

  • Ductwork Vacuuming. Obstructed ductwork can have disastrous results, but Top Hood Cleaners prides itself on quality ductwork cleaning that will prevent incidents and hazard risks.

Outsourcing your exhaust hood cleaning can help minimize costs and maximize desirable results. As your trusted local hood cleaners, we focus on what is important for our clients. We are the kitchen exhaust hood cleaning contractor that delivers professional results every time.


Contact Top Hood Cleaners to get a kitchen cleaning schedule that suits your hours and specific cleaning needs.

Choose the Right Kitchen Hood Cleaning Company for Your Business

At Top Hood Cleaners, we are passionate about performing the best kitchen hood cleaning practices, and we operate with one mission which is to achieve a squeaky clean exhaust hood. But above all, we choose to always give our 100% in all the commercial kitchen cleaning jobs we do.


  • Convenient kitchen hood cleaning service. Our Detroit kitchen cleaning will get all the grease and grime off your range hood. We follow standards and steps that will uncover all the nasty stuff in your exhaust hood. 


  • Superior cleaning equipment and products. Top Hood Cleaners have a team of professional local hood cleaners and we use top-of-the-line kitchen cleaning equipment designed to make commercial appliances spotless. Plus, the products we use are all safe to use, especially for food-contact surfaces.


  • Attention to detail. We have a dedicated cleaning crew that will tackle all your needs. You can expect quality work from our office staff, technicians, and hood cleaners. Top Hood Cleaners will deliver the cleaning results you are aiming for.


  • Fair kitchen hood cleaning prices. We help businesses tackle some of the most terrible chores — removing grease and grime. And since we care about our clients, we are offering our cleaning services at an affordable price. 


  • Hood cleaning in Detroit is something we take seriously. It is essential to protect the public from hazards, but you can rest assured Top Hood Cleaners is the kitchen cleaning company you have been looking for.


With just a single call to us, you can begin making your business safer and healthier. Call Top Hood Cleaners now to discuss your cleaning needs and leave the rest to us!

Get your Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaned The Right Way

No need to look somewhere else for the best hood cleaning company in Detroit, MI. Top Hood Cleaners is a professional and trusted kitchen cleaning provider that offers a wide range of customizable kitchen cleaning packages, especially for rooftop grease and exhaust hood.

Call us now to receive a kitchen exhaust system cleaning estimate and to set an appointment with our Detroit expert hood cleaners.