Rooftop Grease Containment

Commercial Rooftop Grease Trap Cleaning in Detroit, MI

Commercial exhaust hoods produce FOGs that are collected in the rooftop grease containment system. If your grease traps need proper cleaning, call Top Hood Cleaners. Our local hood cleaners and technicians are qualified to clean grease traps.


We have a track record of providing superior grease trap cleaning. Reach out to us at your earliest convenience to schedule a grease trap cleaning service for your exhaust hood system.

rooftop grease containment and fan cleaning by Top Hood Cleaners

Clean your Commercial Rooftop Grease Containment

Leaving the FOGs in the grease trap for a long time can have serious effects on the wellbeing of your staff and customers, as well as increase the risk of fires and other hazards. That is why commercial grease traps are essential for all food-service businesses as they are crucial for collecting grease, food waste, and other residues. 

Scheduling regular rooftop grease containment cleaning with a professional contractor has many benefits. At Top Hood Cleaners, our cleaning services, provided by our expert cleaners, will remove all dirt and grease from the equipment, leaving your equipment in good condition for a long time. 

When not serviced properly, a commercial rooftop grease trap will create costly issues.


  • The kitchen exhaust system will be blocked.
  • The risks of fire or food contamination are significantly increased.
  • There will be a rotting smell that may travel to the HVAC and into the dining area.
  • The undesirable smell will attract insects and pests.


    Rooftop grease containment maintenance is a dirty job, but we understand that maintenance is vital, especially for ensuring a smooth business operation. Our team has extensive experience in cleaning FOGs from different exhaust hoods, exhaust systems, and grease traps.


    The frequency of cleaning grease traps also depends on the amount of waste produced., but your rooftop grease trap should be cleaned every three to six months. That is why we are a go-to Detroit hood cleaning company. If you want to choose our kitchen cleaning services, contact our office now. Our representative will assist you in exploring your options and will also help in scheduling your rooftop grease trap cleaning.

    Hire a Seasoned Rooftop Grease Trap Cleaning Company Near You

    Being in the food-service industry, you know the importance of rooftop grease containment, and you also understand how crucial maintenance is to keeping kitchen productivity high. Professional Detroit kitchen cleaning companies can help deal with this.

    • They have the best kitchen cleaning equipment. Thanks to innovative equipment, professional hood cleaning specialists can perform grease trap cleaning quickly and properly.

    • They are expert technicians and hood cleaning specialists. Aside from the equipment they use, grease trap cleaning companies also comprise trained people. They are seasoned professionals with the knowledge to clean grease traps correctly.

    • They are insured, bonded, and offer guarantees. Many kitchen hood cleaning companies in Detroit, MI, are insured. So miscommunication and disagreements can be prevented in case of accidents or damages. Some also offer money-back guarantees to ensure customer satisfaction.

    Top Hood Cleaners Grease Trap Cleaning Process in Detroit, MI

    Serving Detroit, MI with the best kitchen cleaning services for years allowed us to be on top of the game. At Top Hood Cleaners, we are a proud partner of Detroit businesses and organizations, using our proven grease trap cleaning process to help them meet the standards.


    • Perform an initial inspection of the rooftop grease containment.
    • Assess the condition of the grease trap and plan the best kitchen cleaning approach.
    • Use cutting-edge kitchen cleaning equipment and safe-to-use cleaning products.
    • Remove collected FOGs and bring your grease trap to a like-new condition.


    With highly trained Detroit technicians, we will bring your rooftop grease containment into pristine condition.


    Know that your kitchen cleaning budget will be put to good use as we put every effort into performing exceptional kitchen cleaning work and ensuring that we leave your business better than we found it.

    Trust the Professional Hood Cleaning Company in Detroit, MI

    • Speedy, efficient response.
    • Quality exhaust hood cleaning and grease trap maintenance.
    • Treat customers and their businesses with the utmost respect.
    • Strive to maximize customer satisfaction by acknowledging client needs and budgets.


    As a leading Detroit grease cleaning company, Top Hood Cleaners is ready to take on all grease problems and scrub, remove, and sanitize your kitchen without hassle. 


    We proudly service the Michigan area, including Detroit and Ann Arbor. Call Top Hood Cleaners today to request a rooftop grease trap cleaning estimate or to schedule a cleaning of your kitchen equipment or grease trap.