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Detroit, MI Professional Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning


Provide safe and burn-free cooking to your customers by keeping your kitchen exhaust system clean. Top Hood Cleaners is a professional hood cleaning company based in Detroit, MI providing kitchen and hood cleaning services across Detroit and Ann Arbor.

Want to get more details about our kitchen cleaning services? Or want to receive an exhaust system cleaning estimate? Get in touch with Top Hood Cleaners now.

Professional. Deep Clean. Trusted Kitchen Cleaning in Detroit, MI

Top Hood Cleaners offer cleaning services that go above and beyond the standards. Our services tackle more than everyday cleaning tasks — we perform kitchen exhaust hood cleaning that will keep your premises safe and clean.

  • Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning. We are adept at overcoming any issues with commercial kitchen exhaust systems. Our exhaust system cleaning covers the entire system from the hood filters and fans to the ductwork and vents. You can depend on our crew to perform quality kitchen cleaning work.

  • Exhaust Hood Cleaning. Our restaurant hood cleaning starts with preparation of the kitchen and then the deep cleaning. We know how important consistent work is to keep your business on top of the game. Our exhaust hood service is here to ensure your equipment is completely cleaned, functioning, and ready to help you achieve more.

  • Rooftop Grease Containment. All commercial kitchens are required to have rooftop grease containment. This service comes in different forms such as dealing with grease gutters, grease traps, catchers, and boxes.

Grease traps are such a pivotal part of mitigating risks. That is why our services focus on maintenance. It is designed to produce desirable results to keep the grease trap at its best.

We specialize in getting rid of fats, oils, and grease from the exhaust hood and vents. If you need the best local hood cleaners to handle the grease and grime from your kitchen, call us. Top Hood Cleaners is the hood cleaning company in Detroit you need.

Types of Detroit, MI Businesses Top Hood Cleaners Serve

If you are one of the following businesses, consider hiring a professional Detroit kitchen cleaning company. Most businesses that operate with commercial kitchens are required to have regular cleaning to prevent fire and contamination.


  • Assisted living facilities.
  • Hotels.
  • Bars and clubs.
  • Restaurants and grills.
  • Office or school cafeterias.


Food service businesses may be subject to penalties for ignoring safety standards, so to avoid unnecessary troubles that will impede your business operations, call us.


Top Hood Cleaners is a Detroit MI kitchen hood cleaning company that will eliminate your worries. We will get rid of grease, oil, and dirt from your kitchen exhaust so you can run your business to its full potential.

Reasons You Need To Keep a Clean and Safe Detroit Commercial Kitchen


There are countless benefits to hiring a professional hood cleaning company. Kitchen and exhaust system cleaning works to eliminate bad odors and byproducts in the air as well as ensure that your business, staff, and customers are safe.


  • Fire hazard. The kitchen exhaust system works to collect dirt, oil, grease, and other substances. When dirt and grease get stuck in the hood filters, your line of protection is minimized. Hiring a professional kitchen cleaning company can prevent serious hazards like fires and falls.
  • System failure. Dirty kitchen equipment can cause the entire system to malfunction. Having the exhaust hood professionally cleaned will help ensure it functions at its best. and help you to avoid costly repairs or premature replacements.
  • Unpleasant odor. Although the undesirable odor is not dangerous, a bad odor can often indicate the presence of bacteria and dirt. Keep the air fresh and your kitchen exhaust maintained.
  • Federal and Detroit standards. Getting your kitchen and exhaust system professionally cleaned every so often is important as it helps create a safer and healthier environment for all customers and employees and helps boost efficiency in the kitchen.


For superior commercial kitchen cleaning in Detroit, call Top Hood Cleaners. We are the local expert cleaners that will make sure your exhaust hood is disinfected.

rooftop grease containment and fan cleaning by Top Hood Cleaners

Why Book the Expert Hood Cleaners at Top Hood Cleaners?

What makes Top Hood Cleaners stand out from our competitors? Why should you choose our expert hood cleaners to come to handle your grease and grime problems? 


At Top Hood Cleaners, we make sure our people and services are always available. We are professionals who perform outstanding kitchen cleaning work. Most of all, we get customers to avail of our services by giving them the cleaning solutions they need.


  • Save your time. Whether you need to have your exhaust system deep cleaned or have your rooftop grease taken care of, we can help. All of our members are trained to perform their jobs correctly so you don’t have to worry about taking extra time and effort to clean your equipment.
  • Smooth transaction. At Top Hood Cleaners, we employ only the best and most qualified, professional, and friendly cleaners. Our team will ensure a smooth transaction from the beginning to the end of the cleaning service.
        • Focus on health and safety. There are numerous laws that ensure commercial kitchens are safe to operate. We adhere to these laws to help business owners keep a safe and clean establishment.
        • Helpful local hood cleaners and specialists. Top Hood Cleaners is one of the most reliable hood cleaning companies in Detroit, MI. Thanks to our trusted fieldworkers, we have maintained a 5-star reputation with the local community.
        • Flexible scheduling. We understand commercial kitchens can be very busy, and cleaning kitchen equipment like the exhaust hood and hood filters during busy hours is not ideal. To help with this, we offer flexible scheduling that works best for our customers.
        • Use only the best hood cleaning strategies. Detroit, MI is home to some of the top-rated restaurants. There are also luxurious casino hotels. Keeping a clean and safe facility is crucial to maintain a great business reputation. With our kitchen cleaning, your commercial kitchen hood will be spotless. Your business will be in compliance and receive positive customer reviews.
        • Fair kitchen hood cleaning costs. Top Hood Cleaners operate in honest work. We guarantee we will recommend the best and right kitchen cleaning services and offer them at a reasonable price.

    Top Hood Cleaners have numerous successful kitchen exhaust hood cleaning under our belt and are here to fix your grease and dirt problems. Ready to schedule your service or get a hood cleaning estimate? Contact our office now!

    The Top Hood Cleaners Kitchen Hood Cleaning Work

    Are you interested in hiring Top Hood Cleaners for your exhaust system cleaning needs? Here is some information to answer the frequently asked questions we get.

    • How do we know we can trust Top Hood Cleaners?

    Top Hood Cleaners is a hood cleaning company that cares. We are not just a business that will perform lousy workmanship. All of our members are professionals and experts and are here to give 100% of their skills and knowledge. We are after what our customers want to achieve.

    • What measures do you take to ensure our kitchen and exhaust system are completely clean?

    Safety and health are two things that are most important to us, and to that end, we follow all safety and health standards. We use the right practices for keeping commercial kitchens and equipment clean. And above all, we ensure all people involved are safe through the cleaning process.

    • How is your kitchen cleaning services better than others?

    To ensure we give your business the highest quality of kitchen cleaning, we do not just rely on wiping the surface. We employ the best kitchen cleaning strategies and use cutting-edge technology and safe products.

    • What are your kitchen and hood cleaning costs?

    Generally, the cost to clean the kitchen depends on the service needed. But, one of our priorities is to provide affordable cleaning services. And to do that, we help our customers determine the right plan of action that suits their budget.

    • What will happen if we need to reschedule our kitchen cleaning?

    Top Hood Cleaners understand how busy commercial kitchens can get. That is why we work on the time and schedule most convenient for our customers. If you have to re-book your service, please call us at least 72 hours before the scheduled service.

    At Top Hood Cleaners, our job focuses on one thing and that is to help businesses have a squeaky-clean kitchen. We clean kitchen hoods so they can operate efficiently and safely. Call us today to schedule your kitchen cleaning service.

    Need More Information?

     Reach out to Top Hood Cleaners to talk with one of our dedicated staff. Our crew will be happy to give answers to any of your inquiries. Our services will help you pass all safety and health inspections and help you comply with NFPA standards.


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