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Exceptional Detroit, MI Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Do you need an experienced and dependable Detroit exhaust hood cleaning company? Top Hood Cleaners is the one you need. We provide professional kitchen and hood cleaning in Detroit, MI and the surrounding areas. 


With a reputation for being a reliable exhaust hood cleaning company, we will not let you down. Our local hood cleaners will ensure your kitchen hoods are clean and safe.


  • Qualified Detroit technicians and hood cleaners.
  • Affordable hood cleaning service.
  • Comprehensive hood cleaning.
  • Attractive cleaning results.


Do not make the mistake of leaving grease and contaminants on your range hood for a long time. A dirty commercial range hood can cause the equipment to malfunction as well as lead to both chemical and bacterial contamination!


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Our Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning Service in Detroit, MI

The NFPA, inspectors, and insurance companies require regular commercial kitchen hood cleaning. Regular cleaning of the range hood is done to prevent hazards from becoming a headache.


Our Detroit, Michigan hood cleaning service covers:

  • Range hood cleaning. Wiping food debris off the range hood is easy, but getting rid of the bacteria needs more than that. Our hood cleaning involves cleaning the entire canopy and the insides of the exhaust hood.

  • Exhaust fan cleaning. A greasy kitchen exhaust fan can be dangerous. If the fan malfunctions, the entire exhaust system might stop working. With our hood cleaning service, we will take care of the thick dirt and grease covering the fans and ensure that it continues to function smoothly.

  • Hood filter cleaning. The kitchen hood filters are vital as they help keep the kitchen safe by collecting contaminants and debris. Our hood filter cleaning will extract all the dirt, grease, and oil from the hood filters and ensure the filters are clean and allow the smoke and fumes to pass.

Do you really want to settle with a run-of-the-mill Detroit commercial kitchen cleaning? Or do you want to partner with trusted professionals?


Top Hood Cleaners offer commercial range hood and kitchen cleaning in the Metro Detroit, Michigan area. Your hood filters and exhaust fans will receive the best cleaning treatment, improving conditions for both your staff and your customers.


Customer satisfaction is important to us, but our cleaning team makes the most challenging cleaning tasks easy. Schedule your next cleaning project with us. We do kitchen hood cleaning, hood filter cleaning, and more!

restaurant exhaust hood cleaning by Top Hood Cleaners

Top Hood Cleaners Are Expert Kitchen Hood Cleaners

At Top Hood Cleaners, we are passionate about performing the best kitchen hood cleaning practices, and we operate with one mission which is to achieve a squeaky clean exhaust hood. But above all, we choose to always give our 100% in all the commercial kitchen cleaning jobs we do.


  • Convenient kitchen hood cleaning service. Our Detroit kitchen cleaning will get all the grease and grime off your range hood. We follow standards and steps that will uncover all the nasty stuff in your exhaust hood. 


  • Superior cleaning equipment and products. Top Hood Cleaners have a team of professional local hood cleaners and we use top-of-the-line kitchen cleaning equipment designed to make commercial appliances spotless. Plus, the products we use are all safe to use, especially for food-contact surfaces.


  • Attention to detail. We have a dedicated cleaning crew that will tackle all your needs. You can expect quality work from our office staff, technicians, and hood cleaners. Top Hood Cleaners will deliver the cleaning results you are aiming for.


  • Fair kitchen hood cleaning prices. We help businesses tackle some of the most terrible chores — removing grease and grime. And since we care about our clients, we are offering our cleaning services at an affordable price. 


  • Hood cleaning in Detroit is something we take seriously. It is essential to protect the public from hazards, but you can rest assured Top Hood Cleaners is the kitchen cleaning company you have been looking for.


With just a single call to us, you can begin making your business safer and healthier. Call Top Hood Cleaners now to discuss your cleaning needs and leave the rest to us!

Detroit, MI Leading Hood Cleaning Company

Setting an appointment with our local hood cleaners and expert technicians is easy. Simply call our office to discuss your kitchen hood cleaning service.


Let us clean your kitchen hood to make sure it continues to run smoothly. With our dedicated expert hood cleaners, we guarantee the air quality in your kitchen will significantly improve.